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Here Come New Ideas for Tropical Retreats

You don’t got to sleep in the tropics to make a lush, leafy, junglelike corner during which to cover faraway from the stresses of the planet . Choose sculptural plants with dramatic leaves in reminder green. WHEN to start out: SpringAT ITS BEST: SummerTIME to finish: 4 hours YOU WILL NEED: SpadeWell-rotted organic matter Mulch: […]

Farmer’s Guide to A Family Garden

Creating a plot that children and fogeys will both enjoy isn’t easy. The key’s to supply kids with space to play without filling it with garish toys while setting aside a soothing area for grown-ups to relax. COMBINING PLAY WITH PLANTING Research shows that children and adults benefit mentally and physically from being in a […]

How Planting Depths Can Help Your Plants to Grow

  The depth at which you plant can have an excellent impact on growth. Most plants, including shrubs and perennials, should be planted at an equivalent depth as they were in their pots. However, there are exceptions, including those mentioned below. Most trees even have specific planting needs PLANTING PROUD Some plants perform best when […]

How To Make Weed Tea For Plants

Did you know you can make a fertilizer from weeds pulled in your garden? Weed tea is easy to make and puts those pesky weeds to good use. Apply this simple fertilizer to any plant in your garden to give them a boost of important nutrients without turning to commercial products. What is Weed Tea? […]

Homemade Herbal Syrups To Stay Healthy

Our ancestors were making their own medicines for nearly as long as our species has existed. It doesn’t matter from whence they hailed, homemade syrups and other medicinal concoctions were common. Making your own syrups for immune health today allows you to control what is in your medicine and avoid unnecessary fillers, sugars, and chemicals. […]

Gardening Tips For Beginners – How To Start A Garden

By: Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY) Creating your first garden is an exciting time. Whether looking to establish ornamental landscapes or growing fruits and vegetables, planting time can be filled with an overwhelming amount of information, and decisions must be made. Now, more than ever, first-time gardeners have nearly unlimited access to the resources necessary […]

Choosing Veterans Day Plants For Those Who’ve Served

Veteran’s Day is a national holiday in the U.S. celebrated on November 11. It is a time for remembrance and thankfulness for all our veterans have done to keep our nation safe. What better way of honoring our heroes than with living Veteran’s Day plants? Building a remembrance garden is a great way of paying […]

Tips And Tricks In The Garden

By: Leslie Garner, Early Childhood Educator Who doesn’t love a good hack to make life easier and save a little money too? I know these days most people are searching for quick tricks and shortcut ideas for all types of things, including gardening tips. Read on for some interesting garden hacks that just might make […]

How To Grow Indoor Forget-Me-Nots

Forget-me-nots are lovely plants with dainty, delicate blooms. Although varieties with clear blue flowers are the most popular, white, and soft pink forget-me-nots are just as pretty. If you’d like to grow these charming little bloomers indoors, it’s definitely possible to grow forget-me-nots as a houseplant, either during the winter or year-round.   Keep reading for […]

DIY Ice Luminaries – How To Make Ice Luminaries For Your Garden

Winter is around the corner and while gardeners may mourn the loss of the growing season, garden crafts can brighten the night. This year try making homemade ice luminaries to decorate and light up porches, decks, garden beds, and walkways. It’s a simple, festive way to make the most of the cold season. What are […]